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The First Fully Sharia-Compliant Digital Investment Platform

Kuwait: 17 March 2021

Boubyan Capital Launches Boubyan Invest Platform to Achieve Customers’ Financial Targets and for a More Convenient Investment

Boubyan Capital Investment Company “BCIC”, the investment arm of Boubyan Bank, has announced the launch of Boubyan Invest, the first fully Sharia-compliant digital investment platform, enabling the creation and management of a smart wallet that befits customers’ financial targets.

Ms. Badria Hamad Al Humaidhi, Executive Director - Asset Management & Brokerage Division at Boubyan Capital, stated: “We managed to launch the first fully sharia-compliant digital investment platform to help our customers invest their funds in various stock markets and in various Sharia-compliant assets and industries. The platform allows the customer to choose his investment goals and risk-level, and then the digital investment advisor would create the suitable portfolio for the customer.”

Speaking on how the customer can manage his account, Al Humaidhi added: “Through Boubyan Invest, the customer can manage his account anywhere and anytime through Boubyan Invest’s website or using the App itself. Additionally, there are many investment advisors and experts who constantly monitor everything related to the customer starting with his financial plans and ending with the management of his investments should he request any help.”

“Boubyan Invest aims to help customers achieve their future financial targets simply and smoothly. With this platform, investment has become easier as it even allows customers to automatically reinvest profits and distributions from their financial portfolios without any difficulties.”, she added.

Al Humaidhi went on to add: “To complement the benefits of Boubyan Invest, the platform aims at protecting customers from market transformations and fluctuations in addition to the possibility of the automated deposit of funds.” Furthermore, customers who are interested in investing in unified investments may choose from a group of BCIC’s leading and Sharia-compliant funds, and may subscribe online in any such funds without the need for any visit to a Boubyan Bank branch.

Boubyan Capital Investment Company seeks to cope with new technology and to provide convenient solutions to Boubyan’s customers to provide them with a unique and integrated investment experience.

Boubyan Invest is available to Kuwaiti customers and resident customers, provided an investor should be 21+, and the investment amount may not be less than USD 5,000 in order to activate the account.