Boubyan Capital’s Brokerage is a Shariah-Compliant brokerage service that offers wide-ranging online services through one innovative trading platform for local, regional and international markets with competitive commission pricing. In addition to stocks, clients can also trade sukuk via the platform.

Clients will be entitled access to 18 markets through one account that features instant funding for trading that includes immediate order placements.

Clients will be able to also view their Portfolio Summaries to analyze and manage their portfolios with a Status Panel to get updates about their Portfolio Status Valuation as prices change in the market.

In addition, Custom and Smart Watch lists are offered to enable clients to keep track of their desirable exchanges. Trading Alerts and Market depth information by price and order are also available for the clients. Summaries of global markets and commodities plus the Top Stocks including Gainers, Losers and Most Active are also presented in a live manner.


Account Opening

To open a brokerage account, kindly fill and sign the Account Opening Agreement


Additional Services

Download the brokerage Mobile App on your smart device and enjoy trading anytime, anywhere.







Download the brokerage Desktop App for easy access and enjoy trading anytime, anywhere.






Trading through the electronic trading system exposes the Customer to risks associated with breakdowns of the system or contents. In the event of the failure of the system, software or telephone lines, the Customer may not be able to input new orders, execute existing orders, or amend or cancel orders that were previously entered, until the breakdown has been repaired. The breakdown of the system or software may cause the loss of orders or the order of priority thereof. Furthermore, the facilities and systems available on the computer, such as those used by the Company may suffer disruption or breakdown and may not be available to the Customer from time to time. The Customer declares that he will not hold the Company liable for any damage or failure that may affect the systems.
Boubyan Capital is committed to its customers, employees and shareholders. To insure the effective availability of essential products and services, Boubyan Capital has a Business Continuity policy that supports a comprehensive program for business continuity and disaster recovery. For more information on the Business Continuity policy kindly contact Boubyan Capital.