Ramadan Mubarak
To better serve you during the Holy month of Ramadan, kindly contact us via email:  cr@boubyancapital.com

Calculation of the Fund's Zakat for the Fiscal Year ending 2019
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Due to the current situation, our hotline 1803800 will not be reachable.
You can contact us via email: cr@boubyancapital.com
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A Sharia compliant investment management company

Wealth management solutions that balance long-term goals with short-term needs

Meet the management

Boubyan Capital's executive management

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Jabra Raja Ghandour
Chief Executive Officer
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Badria Hamad Al-Humaidhi
Executive Director – Asset Management & Brokerage Division
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Abdullah Nasser Al-Sayer
Director - Business Development & Marketing Division
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Hadi Oussama Salame
Director – Alternative Investments Division
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Ahmed Yousri Zakaria
Director – Compliance and Secretary of The Board of Directors

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