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Global Finance Names Boubyan Capital the “Best Islamic Asset Manager”

Kuwait: 6 January 2021

Ms. Badria Al Humaidhi: We Have Provided Extensive Investment Products and Services to Our Customers

To add to its achievements in 2020, Boubyan Capital (the investment arm of Boubyan Bank) has received the Best Islamic Asset Manager award from Global Finance due to the company’s rapid increase in Islamic asset’s growth amid the exceptional circumstances of that year.

Ms. Badria Hamad Al Humaidhi, Executive Director - Asset Management & Brokerage Division at Boubyan Capital, stated: “Thanks to Almighty Allah, we managed to add a new award to our record of achievements in that year for the first time. This achievement has been made thanks to Almighty Allah, and then to our human resources since Boubyan Capital has a specialized team of experienced employees in the fields of investment banking, real estate, brokerage and asset management, who managed to offer extensive investment products and services to our customers, be they individuals or institutions.”

“The Asset Management Division at Boubyan Capital manages a number of investment funds such as Boubyan Multi Asset Holding Fund, Boubyan KD Money Market Fund II, Boubyan USD Liquidity Fund, GCC Equity Fund, and the Global Islamic Sukuk Fund. In the first place, the management aims to take investment decisions that generate lucrative revenues without compromising the company’s conservative risk approach.”, she added.

She went on to add: “Boubyan Bank and Boubyan Capital have their own visions in terms of launching and developing many digital services that witnessed growing use by our customers under the Covid-19 circumstances. Boubyan Capital has launched a number of digital services such as the professional trading service as a part of Boubyan online Sharia-compliant brokerage services in local, regional and international markets.”

Al Humaidhi added: “We have recently launched a group of Islamic sukuk investment solutions that grant many investors access to sukuk markets in order to help them diversify their investments. Moreover, such solutions come as a part of our expansion and development plans for our company’s services, which aim to meet the various requirements of our customers and their investment needs. Prominent among such services are the Global Islamic Sukuk Fund and the sukuk trading services through brokerage accounts.”

“Such an achievement puts more responsibilities on us to commit to the remarkable service levels we provide to our customers. We believe that creativity, innovation and the outstanding customer service level of Boubyan Capital are the way to continue in our path of success.” Al Humaidhi concluded.