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Fixed Income Solutions

Kuwait: 6 September 2020

Loaded with services offered for the first time in Kuwait:
Boubyan Capital offers remarkable Islamic Sukuk Solutions

Boubyan Capital Investment Company, Boubyan Bank’s investment arm, has announced the launch of new & diverse investment products and services, as a part of its constant efforts to keep pace with the developments, and to offer various solutions of interest to Boubyan customers to enable them to enjoy a comprehensive and integrated investment experience.

Ms. Badria Hamad Al Humaidhi, Executive Director - Asset Management & Brokerage Division at Boubyan Capital, stated: “We have recently launched a group of Islamic sukuk investment solutions which meet the needs of many investors who want to engage in sukuk markets to diversify their investments.” 

“Such solutions come as a part of our expansion and development plans for our company’s services, which aim to meet the various requirements of our customers and their investment needs. Prominent among such services are the Global Islamic Sukuk Fund and the sukuk trading services through brokerage accounts.”, Al Humaidhi explained.

On his part, Mr. Ali Habeeb Atesh, Senior Assistant Manager - Asset Management & Brokerage, stated: “The fund aims to generate positive revenues on the long run with a balanced risk level by investing in a diverse portfolio of highly-rated sukuk in a Sharia-compliant manner.”

“Moreover, the fund strategy relies on investing in local, GCC and global sukuk denominated in US Dollar or any other currency as deemed fit by the Fund Manager.”, he added.

On the other hand, Senior Analyst - Asset Management & Brokerage Services, Mr. Suleiman Khalifa Al Enezy announced the launch of the service enabling customers to purchase local, regional and global sukuk through the brokerage account, which is a service offered for the first time in Kuwait, thus adding to a long queue of exceptional brokerage services provided using innovative technologies that have been recently launched by the company in the Kuwaiti market.

Al Enezy emphasized: “Now, Boubyan brokerage customers can trade in various types of sukuk available in the local, regional, and global fixed income instruments’ market, easily and smoothly by contacting the brokerage room. This comes as a part of our constant keenness on looking for digital solutions that serve our customers’ expectations.”

It is worth-mentioning that Boubyan Capital Investment Company is considered one of the leading companies in Kuwait, which gives its customers a chance for online trading in Sharia-compliant shares in local, regional and global markets through Boubyan Brokerage website or through Boubyan Brokerage mobile App.

For further information on Boubyan Brokerage Services, customers may contact the Brokerage Contact Center on 1803800.