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Adding the Egyptian Market to Boubyan Brokerage Platform

Kuwait: 3 December 2019

Boubyan Capital develops the Boubyan Brokerage Platform

Boubyan Capital Investment Company (the investment arm of Boubyan Bank) added the Egyptian market to the Boubyan Brokerage platform, thus joining the global markets represented by the US, European and the United Kingdom markets, as part of its endeavor to provide the best customer experience by taking advantage of the latest innovative technologies for trading.

Ms. Badria Hamad Al-Humaidhi, Executive Director – Asset Management and Brokerage, said that adding the Egyptian market to the Boubyan Brokerage platform is the result of constant search for expansion and development in our services that the company seeks to provide to investors, through the latest developed trading systems that allow clients to browse the platform easily and smoothly.

She added that this step comes within the framework of developments in the Egyptian Stock Exchange, supported by the positive developments of the Egyptian economy in recent years, which have placed it among the fastest growing markets in the region.

Al-Humaidhi explained that Boubyan Capital is one of the leading companies in Kuwait that enables clients to trade shares that conform to the provisions of Islamic Sharia in local, regional and international markets through the “Boubyan Brokerage” website for electronic trading or through the “Boubyan Brokerage” application through Mobile.

Sulaiman Khalifa Al-Enazi, Senior Analyst – Asset Management and Brokerage explained that in addition to finally enabling clients to trade in the Egyptian market, Boubyan Brokerage clients can trade in the various markets through one trading account.

He added that Boubyan clients have flexibility in linking their bank accounts to their trading accounts, so that the transfer service to trading accounts is available to them through the KNET service, or through direct transfer from their personal accounts with the bank.

Al-Enezi stressed that Boubyan Brokerage provides a unique trading experience for its clients while enabling them to access a full range of brokerage services covering the GCC and global capital markets, in addition to the possibility of trading sukuk internationally.