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Digital Investment Solutions

Kuwait: 31 August 2021

Met With High Demand Due to Ease of Use and Availability Around the Clock..
Boubyan Capital Launches a Group of Unique Digital Investment Solutions

Boubyan Capital Investment Company “BCIC”, the investment arm of Boubyan Bank, has announced the launch of unique digital investment solutions, recently developed by the company for some of its Sharia-compliant services and products that fit the financial targets of clients.

Ms. Badria Hamad Al Humaidhi, Executive Director - Asset Management & Brokerage Division at Boubyan Capital, stated: “Thanks to Almighty Allah, we have succeeded in developing and launching a group of digital solutions owing to our constant endeavors to keep up with the developments, and to seek various solutions of interest to Boubyan’s clients, and to help them enjoy a comprehensive and complete investment experience.”

“A prominent solution among these digital solutions is Boubyan Invest Platform recently launched for those interested in investing. The platform offers automated investment advisory services to customers, and invests their funds in various assets through a smart portfolio, specifically customized for their financial targets and their risk tolerance level.”, she added.

She went on to add: “At Boubyan Capital, we have succeeded in offering an easier investment experience for our clients, making it no more necessary for them to have a great prior investment experience, rather, we changed this concept. The client can now use Boubyan Invest to get a tailored investment plan within minutes, and can monitor and manage his multiple investments online, easily and from anywhere.”

Al Humaidhi added: “Boubyan Invest does not only offer automated advisory services but also allows customers to subscribe in Boubyan Capital’s various funds without the need to visit any of Boubyan Bank’s branches. This guarantees a swift investment experience and paperless transactions.”

Moreover, she explained that to continue the digital growth witnessed across various services and products of Boubyan Capital, especially Boubyan Brokerage Service, the professional brokerage service was launched with innovative and developed features helping clients to trade easily, swiftly, and professionally.

Clients can now apply digitally to open a brokerage account without the need to pay a personal visit. They may now invest in 18 local, regional and international Sharia-compliant markets through one platform represented in Boubyan Brokerage website and App.

Al Humaidhi elaborated: “Boubyan Capital launched its brokerage service in 2019. Despite the short period, brokerage accounts grew by 300% during this brief period, showing the development witnessed by our services and our clients’ confidence in our rapid and significant growth. Our brokerage service includes share and sukuk trading, where clients can choose any suitable solutions out of the various services offered to them.”

It is worth mentioning that the demand for Boubyan Capital’s digital services has witnessed a significant growth recently due to its ease of use and availability around the clock amid the repercussions of the pandemic and the trending use of digital services and solutions.

For further information on Boubyan Capital’s digital services, clients may contact 1803800 directly, or visit Boubyan Capital’s social media accounts @BoubyanCapital.