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Boubyan USD Liquidity Fund

As of 28/7/2015, the par value of the fund’s units have been adjusted from USD100/unit to USD10/unit. This change did not affect total value.


Fund Objective

Providing Shariah-compliant competitive returns as the Fund seeks to increase the Net Asset Value while realizing a high liquidity level. fund fund

Executive Committee

  1. Badria Hamad Al Humaidhi
  2. Hadi Oussama Salame
  3. Asok Kumar Ayinikkal
  4. Ali Habeeb Atesh

Net Asset Value (NAV): USD 10.8287

Performance (as of 20-Oct-2020)
Annualized 1 Week Return 0.750%
Annualized 1 Month Return 0.830%
Annualized 3 Months Return 0.897%
Annualized 6 Months Return 1.134%
12 Months Return 1.601%
Annualized YTD Return 1.392%
Cumulative YTD Return 1.137%
Annualized Return Since Inception (22-05-2014) 1.273%
Cumulative Return Since Inception (22-05-2014) 8.287%
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Fund Strategy

An open-end fund that allows entry and exit of investors with the aim of realizing competitive returns.

Why invest in the Boubyan USD Liquidity Fund?

  • Potential returns higher than one month USD fixed deposit rate.
  • High quality and low risk investments.
  • Flexible online subscriptions and redemptions
  • Weekly liquidity

Fund Facts

Fund structure Open-ended
Currency US Dollar
Capital Variable (from USD 18 million to 360 million)
Minimum subscription USD 1,000
Subscription fees None
Management fees Up to 1% per annum
Fund manager Boubyan Capital Investment Company K.S.C.C.
Promoter Boubyan Bank K.S.C.
Custodian & investment controller Gulf Custody Company K.S.C.C.
Shari'a auditor Al-Mashora & Al-Raya for Islamic Financial Consulting
Auditor Ernst & Young