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Why Work at Boubyan Capital:

As we hope you join and see for yourself, Boubyan Capital strives to be a leading organization in employee’s engagement and satisfaction. Our Philosophy evolves around how we treat our employees with empathy and respect. Moreover, our professionalism in dealing with our employees has no doubt listed us amongst the most successful organizations.

The ideal employee of Boubyan Capital is not just active in his or her workplace; he or she normally has a productive role in the community, as Boubyan Capital comprises the right recipe for work life balance and always encourages the overall wellbeing. Working with us, is not just about fulfilling your job duties, the people who excel at Boubyan Capital are the people who excel at things in life!

Our employees’ professional development is crucial; and it will always remain a key ingredient to our success.

If you feel that you are qualified to be part of the Boubyan Capital family, kindly send your CV to: