Boubyan Capital’s Brokerage is a Sharia-compliant brokerage service that offers wide-ranging online services for investors by providing direct online access to the capital markets of Kuwait and GCC through one account.

Clients are able to trade and transfer funds easily across different markets through our advanced and online brokerage infrastructure.


Boubyan Capital Brokerage features:

  • Order placement to buy/sell/amend/cancel market and limit orders.
  • Portfolio summary to analyze your portfolio and manage your portfolios.
  • Watch-list grid to place orders rapidly.
  • Top Stocks including gainers, losers and most active stocks.
  • Market depth information by price and order.
  • Watch-list chart to analyze the market compared with average volume and percentage change.


List of KSE Shariah Complaint Stocks 


List of GCC Shariah Complaint Stocks