Fund Objective

The investment objective of the Fund is to achieve a competitive return by investing in short and medium term, Sharia compliant instrument that are available in the financial market, such as murabaha transactions (cost plus financing) and Ijara. The Fund may also invest in other investment funds that have the same investment objective. All instruments in which the Fund invests must comply with Islamic Shariah as determined by the Fund Company's Shariah Board. The Fund will seek to increase its Net Asset Value while achieving a high level of liquidity by investing in high-quality instruments.

Investment Features :

  • Competitive returns
  • Weekly liquidity
  • High-quality securities
  • Low risk investment
  • Islamic Shariah compliant investment
  • Kuwaiti Dinar denominated Fund

NAV KD 1.07132 as of 09 / 01 / 2018

Performance Fund
Annualized Return Since Inception 1.059%
Annualized YTD Return 1.197%
One Week Annualized Return 1.419%

Fund Facts

Fund Structure Open Ended
Inception Date 19 April 2011
Currency Kuwaiti Dinar
Unit Price 1KD Per unit
Minimum Investment Individuals KD 30,000; with additional investment in multiples of KD 1,000
Subscription Fee None
Management Fee up to 1%
Distributor Bank Boubyan K.S.C
Distribution & Redemption Weekly
Auditor Ernst & Young (Cayman Islands)


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Updated KD MMF Prospectus - Nov 2015

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