Fund Objective

The fund aims to achieve a return on the money invested in a manner consistent with the provisions of Islamic Sharia, through pooling funds from investors in order to invest on their behalf in other Islamic investment funds, licensed and monitored by the official supervisory authorities in the country of origin.

Fund Strategy

An open-ended fund that allows investors to enter and exit monthly, while aiming to achieve competitive returns.

Why Boubyan Multi Asset Holding Fund?

  • Invest in US Dollars
  • Invest in local and international Islamic investment funds
  • Invest in different asset classes
  • Invest in different sectors
  • Sharia Compliant investment
  • Monthly subscriptions and redemptions
  • The Fund serves investors with a long-term investment strategy

NAV USD 10.7328 as of 30 / 06 / 2017

Performance Fund
Annualized Return Since Inception 6.14%
Annualized YTD Return 14.04%
Cumulative One Month return 0.05%


Executive Committee

Badria Hamad Al Humaidhi
Hadi Ousama Salame
Asok Kumar
Ali Habeeb Atesh


Fund Facts

Fund Structure Open-ended
Fund Type Fund of Funds, which aims to invest in other licensed funds
Currency US Dollar
Liquidity Monthly
NAV calculation date End of every month
Capital Variable ( from USD 18 million to 1,000 million)
Minimum Subscription USD 5,000 with multiples of USD 250 thereafter
Subscription fees None
Redemption fees None
Management fees 1% of the Net Asset Value
Performance fees None
Fund manager Boubyan Capital Investment Company K.S.C.C.
Sub-manager Franklin Templeton Investments (UK)
Distributer Boubyan Bank K.S.C.
Custodian & Investment Controller Gulf Custody Company K.S.C.C.
Shari’a Auditor Legitimate Audit House Company K.S.C.C.
Auditor KPMG Safi Al-Mutawa & Partners

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