Fund Objective & Strategy

The Fund seeks to realize Shari’a compliant returns by investing in income generating properties in Kuwait. The Fund will endeavor to distribute to unit holders the net rental profits after each quarter in addition to any net profits from the sale of the fund’s assets.

Fund Features

  • Direct ownership in a sector diversified portfolio of Kuwaiti real estate
  • Quarterly net profit distributions
  • Potential gains upon sale of the properties at fund expiration


Fund Facts

Fund Structure Close ended – Private Placement
Date of inception 11-Jun-14
NAV at inception 1.0000
Currency KWD
Minimum investment KWD 100 thousand (and multiples of KD 5 thousand thereafter)
Distributions Quarterly
Capital KWD 15.405 million
Fund term 5 years that are extendable for two periods (1 year each).
Subscription fees 2%
Management fees Up to 1.5% of NAV per annum
Property revaluation dates June & December
Fund domicile Kuwait
Fund manager Boubyan capital investment company K.S.C.C.
Distributer Boubyan bank K.S.C.
Custodian and  investment controller Kuwait clearing company  K.S.C.C.
Shari’ah Auditor Al Siraj company for advising services
External Auditor Ernst & Young

Disclaimer – Boubyan Kuwait Real Estate Fund is a private closed ended fund. This fact sheet is prepared and circulated to current investors in the Fund. This document is not an invitation to subscribe to units of any investment fund or program therein.

A Shariah Compliant Investment Company